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New Mexico State Partnerships

NM Coalition for the Majority

DLeNM is a proud member and supporter of the New Mexico Coalition for the Majority. To date, this coalition has focused their attention on two important issues that support linguistic and cultural minority issues in our state:

HB 330

State Seal for Bilingual and Biliterate Graduates – joining Californians Together ( ) and a handful of other U.S. States, New Mexico has passed and signed into law an act that finally validates and celebrates the linguistic and socio-cultural skills and talents of our students, including those students who are graduating from K-12 Dual Language Education programs across New Mexico. HB 330 Press Release.

HB 373/SB 470

ELL Teacher Preparation Act – presented to NM Legislature in February 2015, the bill has not yet been signed into law, but it has created bipartisan support for an identified need.  Presently New Mexico suffers a shortage of 6500+ highly qualified teachers (TESOL or Bilingual Endorsed) to serve a linguistic and cultural minority population that makes up 72% of the entire NM Student Population – HB 337/SB 470 Press Release.

NM Hispanic Education Act

DLeNM believes in the content and promise of this historical document.  Presently DLeNM members support the HEA Council, and the development of a strategic plan that promises to realize the strategic goals of the Hispanic Education Act.

HB 150 - Hispanic Education Act

HB 150 Press Release. Ben Ray Lujan Leadership and Public Policy Institute:   Founded by the Center of the Education and Study of Diverse Populations-NM Highlands University, DLeNM supports the mission and goals of this historic center, names for our beloved Speaker of the House, Representative Ben Lujan.  For more information please visit http://www.bli.nmhu.edu/

National Partnerships

DLeNM partners with some of the top advocates for dual language education in the U.S. to promote the development of leadership in the areas of bilingual, multicultural education, and the support for emerging bilingual students, teachers and leaders.

BUENO Policy Center - BPC

DLeNM is a contributor to the BPC, whose mission is to focus on bilingual and multicultural educational issues as they relate to policy and in related fields like sociolinguistics, applied linguistics language learning, innovative strategies of language teaching, language planning and language assessment that are relevant to the development of language educational policy.   More information at: http://www.buenopolicycenter.org/

National Dual Language Consortium - NDLC

with organizations committed to the dream of K-12 dual language education, DLeNM helped found the NDLC in 2006. Five non-profit organizations and several leading dual language researchers joined together to form the National Dual Language Consortium.  These members conduct research, provide training and services for dual language practitioners, and disseminate information about dual language to a wide audience. For more information: http://www.dual-language.org/